Social Management

Social Assessment (SA) identifies any intended and unintended social consequences due to the construction and operation of the project. It comprised of beneficiary assessment, stakeholder analysis and impact assessments. Field surveys and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) have been conducted for initial social screening purpose and developing mitigation plans. Although separate social screening reports have been prepared for each sub project site, the result of SA for each site is quite similar due to the nature of the project. Main social concern is land. However, in majority of the case4s, existing primary schools own the lands thus no land acquisition or population displacement is necessary. In some cases, additional land will be obtained under voluntary agreement or through direct purchase. However, no sub project will be taken that may adversely affect the tribal people. Another outcome of SA shows the demolition of existing school structure in some cases which in turn will disturb the classes on short term.
Mitigation measures have been taken with the help of school management committee and local community. Despite the use of shelters during natural disaster, it is expected that the operation and maintenance will be efficient upon completion of construction work.