Barisal Region – Barisal, Bhola, Pirojpur and Patuakhali


Barisal contract was awarded to Navana Construction in December 2016. Since then contractor has made significant effort to expedite the work. Total 58 shelters to be constructed in Barisal distributed across Upazilas. Target completion date is December 2018. 


Toma construction was awarded the contract for build 42 shelters in Bhola. The contract was signed in January 2017. Target completion date is January 2019. 


MDSP is targeting construction of 50 shelters in the Pirojpur District. Consulting firm with the help of the LGED Headquarter are marching towards October to prepare the bidding document for the pre-qualified contractors to bid.


36 Shelters will be constructed under MDSP project. Bidding documents have been prepared for the pre-qualified contractors to submit the bid.


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