Environmental Management

The purpose of the Environmental Assessment is to ensure that the project is developed in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner ensuring all possible negative impacts are mitigated (as much as practicable) and positive impacts are enhanced. Environmental Assessment for MDSP is conducted to fulfill the requirements of Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and World Bank (WB) as well as to obtain the Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC) from the DoE (Department of Environment) according to the Environmental Conservation Rules 1997.

Environmental Assessment reports has been prepared for each selected sub-projects (shelters) separately to consider the environmental aspects as per environmental requirements/ guidelines of the World Bank and Government of Bangladesh for all component of the physical construction works, such as

  • Improvement of Existing Shelter,
  • Construction of new Shelters, and
  • Improvement of Access Roads

Environmental issues will be identified and mitigated by applying appropriate mitigation measures as per Environmental and Social Management Framework during design phase by modifying the structures to make it truly environment friendly. For MDSP fortnightly (or as needed) discussions are taking place with the school management committee, contractor, design and supervision consultants, implementation agency (LGED) and lastly but not least the community in the catchment area ensuring environmentally sound practices are in place.

EA Report for Barisal

EA Report for Cox’s Bazar

EA Report for Lakshmipur

EA Report for Noakhali

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